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Bible Passage: 1 Timothy 6:6-10

Memory Verse;    "Now godliness with contentment is great gain."  1 Timothy 6:6

This month, I want to continue with excerpts from my book, Godliness with Contentment, Great Gain! We commence with the second chapter, which addressed the word Godliness. I wish a most rewarding and blessed experience.

The Oxford Dictionary defines godliness as “a state of being godly or being sincerely religious.” This means that a religious or pious man is a godly person. In essence a person who does all things in a ‘religious’ manner and allows only the tenets or teachings of his religion to control and sway his life can be considered as a godly man.

In other words, a religious man is here seen as a moral being; one who does not engage in anything immoral; one who shuns evil and other ungodly acts.

However, Godliness surpasses the realm of morality and mere religiosity and should be explored in the light of the humanity of man.  It is also to be viewed with respect to the plan and purpose of God for the life of man.  Man cannot achieve godliness on his own, just as he cannot receive salvation because of his goodness.  It is God that makes man perfect and acceptable, and not by work or mere desire of man.

These issues will be carefully examined in this chapter and an attempt will be made to draw conclusions as to what godliness is and what it is not.

Godliness and Morality
Morality is not synonymous with Godliness. Although morality is an ingredient of godliness; it does not complete the total picture of godliness.

A moral man is one who lives entirely by the rule. He does not engage in any criminal or wicked acts, but lives his life in such a manner that he does not constitute a nuisance to his neighbour and society. It is therefore not unusual to see a moral man being described as a good man. A man who keeps his word, can be relied upon, a purist in short.

However, a moral man may not believe in God or acknowledge His existence. He may be an atheist; that is a man who does not believe in the existence of God, or an agnostic; one who, though may acknowledge the existence of God, says he cannot however prove it, or that issues pertaining to God are unknowable and therefore makes no attempt or effort at knowing God; a dangerous state of total amnesia concerning the knowledge of God. As such he does not believe in Him and therefore he is not better than the atheist.

The atheist and agnostic see themselves as being better than the believers: those who acknowledge the existence of God and profess faith in Him. These are people who believe in the law of karma; that is you receive a just reward or recompense for your actions, in equal measure as you have measured out to others. They preach and believe so much in morality that they even make a cult or fraternity out of
it, sometimes claiming that God exists, but still go ahead to put Him in their various garbs, turning His glory into “.....an image made like corruptible man ...” (Romans 1:23). Paul describes them as those “Professing to be wise, they become fools. ……. who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped the creature rather than the Creator...” (Romans chapter 1 verse 22 and 25).

Although one may be tempted to conclude that it is good to be moralistic, however as earlier stated, morality is not enough to make one a godly man or woman. The danger is that morality may make man to turn against God and become an atheist or an agnostic.

To be continued.

1.    Thank the Lord for making you to see another month, the month of August.

2.    Ask that He will make you to encounter august visitors who will bring good news to you this month.

3.    Ask the Lord to help you in your walk with him, so that you will live a godly life indeed and in truth. That nothing, including the affairs of this life will make you to derail in any way.

4.    Come against any manipulation of the devil to cause you to miss your steps in the way of godliness. That you will stand perfect and complete doing his will all the days of your life.

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